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Thank You Cards

Show your gratitude to your guests, gift them something in return to their gracious presence at the wedding. From highly decorated bells to be tied to the bangles of women to return gifts such as key rings, wrist watches, purses and other decorative items we have a collection of wedding favours and gift items. Where these gifts are a mark of gratitude, these also keep the memory of the wedding fresh for years altogether.

In India, guests are like Gods and Goddesses and it is also a tradition that they are hailed before any pious occasion and thanked after the ceremony is over. Same applies to marriage as well and guests are the Gods and Goddesses who have come to bless the bride and the groom. Wedding favors include many handicraft gift items as well. Blue pottery items, crystal glass items, marble items and many such items are also available as gifts for the wedding guests.

Wedding favors not only show that you respect your guests but also convey your emotions that how important were their wishes to the bride and the groom. Besides this, wedding gifts also keep the memories of the wedding fresh for quite a long time.

Different cultures across globe prefer different wedding gift items and thus these are region specific. Where in India people prefer to gift some utility items such as some utensil or some everyday utility items such as pen to the guests, people in the west have different preference. Sweets are something that is all time favorite. For this, we supply sweet and cake boxes with the name of the bride and groom on these along with the details of the wedding day and venue. Apart from those shown in our wedding favours and gift gallery, we also invite you to supply ideas to us for wedding gift items and we will be more than happy to include those in our gallery.

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