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Scroll Wedding Invitation

Scroll wedding cards recall the days when the kings and queens use to rule the land. It was then that every communication was written on scrolls and was placed in attractive scroll tubular boxes. It is this tradition that has inspired people to use scroll type wedding cards as well. Where these cards add a royal feel to the wedding these look great as well. A rectangular piece of paper tied at both ends with wooden sticks and kept in a folded state. Tied with a string and have bells tied to both open ends of the wooden sticks.

Just as the messenger in the older days used to read the scroll aloud in the palace so, the scrolls announce the marriage to the guests. The guests too feel elated as the wedding scroll card gives an impression as if they have been invited to a royal occasion. It is this royal touch that has made these cards quite popular among people and these are nowadays used most extensively. Scroll card design have also undergone changes. Where there were fixed sizes available earlier, we present you the freedom to choose any of the design in the gallery of these cards on our site.

With the rise in their use, so increased the designs and the patterns of scroll wedding cards. From traditional type scrolls to present day hi tech scrolls, all are available at It is here that you will find the latest and the most extensive collection of scroll wedding invitations. These cards match great with the overall royal theme but can also be customized to fit well with other themes as well. A flower theme wedding could have a leaf shaped scroll. These cards in combination with their accessories look great and leave a lasting impression on the recipient.

Scroll Wedding Invitation

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