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Programme Cards

Invite your guests in style with specially designed programme cards. Where these are handy pieces of information enabling the guests to select the programme to attend as per their convenience, these are also a great means to ensure that almost all the guests attend the various wedding ceremonies.

With the programme cards, you can also give details of the venue and the time of the event along with the special theme of the wedding event. These are not just pieces of information but are also great stuff to show off how extensively you are celebrating every event of the wedding.

The nature of programme cards have changed recently specially when the wedding events have gone more extensive. These days wedding is celebrated with even more fanfare and the wedding couple being of new generation try to make it a life time event. Thus, every single wedding ceremony is celebrated with even more fervor and participation of guests makes the events much more special.

Generally, these cards for the wedding event are available in various designs, sizes and styles. Theme based designer cards are also in much fashion these days. These cards of different sizes fit well with the overall size of the main wedding card and help inform the guests about the date and venue of each wedding event. These cards also ensure that most of the guests visit on or the other ceremony as the guests can choose which one to attend as per their convenience.

We at Universal Exports have myriad and vibrantly designed program cards which are sure to attract the attention of your guests and create an awe feeling. Where cards printed by us are exclusive in design these are also printed using the latest technology so there is no dithering of the ink and the card maintains its appealing look.   

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