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Place Cards

A wedding ceremony dinner without the theme based place cards seems to be incomplete. You cannot leave the tables laid for guests without the place cards. Some you need to reserve for the bride and groom and the family while some tables need to be reserved for the royal guests you have invited. At we understand you every place card needs and thus with much experience in this industry, we can suggest right card for the right ceremony.

Besides, place cards help organize the guests and it also complements the dressing of the table. These cards are perfect for any occasion or for a wedding reception. We have so many styles of cards for placing on table. These designs are tent style, flat style as well as custom design are also available. Where the tent style cards need no support to be put on the table, the flat style cards need a holder. We also have an array of colorful and exciting design for the holders as well.

A table at the wedding ceremony looks deserted without a place card on it. It not only garnishes, it also makes it more appealing and helps organize the guests in a better manner so that everyone knows which table is for them. Moreover, the place cards help people to remain organized at the wedding ceremony and thus it becomes a pleasurable experience for both the guests and the host.

It would not be an exaggeration to say but we have perfected the art of designing and making place cards of all shapes and styles and it is this perfection and enticing designer tent cards that are really liked by people all around. Browse our gallery section that has place cards and you will feel that these are really amazing pieces of art. In addition to it, the cards printed by us are not at all expensive as with the use of latest technology in printing, we are able to bring the cost of each card to a minimum.  

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